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Remember that along with your pledge, new for 2016, you should state something that you think is great about your area of the HSC!

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Total Pledges to date: 12

I pledge to set up a national experience network that includes Northern Ireland!

Adam Dalby, FY1 Doctor, Hull, England

I pledge to be on time for every meeting and appointment, where possible and to promote promote a culture of good time keeping within the organisation.

Pauline OKane, Social Worker, Northern Trust

We pledge to provide the highest standard of patient care within Orthodontics using our new purpose built facilities! @changeday #fabhsc16

The Orthodontic Team, Orthodontics, Specialist Dental Services Unit, A.A.H

I pledge to always look at the whole person and treat them as the individual they are. I pledge to support my colleagues and fight to keep our NHS one of the most envied health services in the world, one step at a time.

Stacey, Student Nurse, Comber

‘The Radiotherapy Pre-Treatment area has made a number of service developments over recent years and pledge to continue to develop, providing quality care and implementing new techniques such as Deep Inspiration Breath-hold’

Shirley Gray, Radiotherapy Pre-Treatment Section Manager, Cancer Centre, Belfast

‘The Radiotherapy department is always looking for ways in which to streamline services in line with trust objectives and pledge to implement an electronic Radiotherapy booking form CAS-PER to assist with a move towards a paper-light environment’

Una McElroy, Therapy Radiographer, Cancer Centre, Belfast

‘The Radiotherapy department has successfully implemented a number of service improvements in recent years which have been of great benefit to many patients and pledge to engage all staff in future service developments such as Stereotactic, Oligometastatic and Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Services’

Jean Smith, Radiotherapy Section Manager, Cancer Centre, Belfast

‘The Brachytherapy department at the Cancer Centre, Belfast offers a high quality service in line with modern recommendations and pledges to continually improve in order to maintain the standard of this Regional service’

Rosaleen Farrell, Brachytherapy Radiographer, Cancer Centre, Belfast

To celebrate improvements in palliative and end of life care....but more to do!

Corrina Grimes, AHP Consultant : Palliative Care Lead, Belfast

I pledge to continue to support staff I manage to deliver a safe & holistic HCHF programme within existing resources.

Rosemary Morton, Nurse Manager, NHSCT

To continue to provide therapeutic horticulture to service users on ward12. To have in place a working allotment within the garden by spring 2016. Sharing the outcomes and spread the word on the benefits for mental health users engaging in gardening. Having been an inpatient myself, "This is my passion, grow for therapy and you get free tomatoes". amanda ,

Amanda , Volunteer , Ward 12 Lagan Valley Hospital

I will celebrate the awesomeness of the HSC in Northern Ireland and its integrated nature by encouraging the same structure in England

Adam Dalby, Junior Doctor, Hull, England

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